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Many states and counties have issued a stay at home order for all nonessential business.  Ernst Concrete is considered an essential business and vital to our communities and economy.  Ernst Concrete will remain open. We ask that you please respect our drivers as we are following a strict no contact policy. Drivers are instructed to assist you if you need something from their trucks. This includes water hoses, tools, etc.

We will continue to operate following CDC guidelines. Thank you for your continued support. Stay safe and healthy.

6 Axle Front Discharge

Used Equipment

Our commitment to maintain a modern fleet of mixers means that we are positioned on an annual basis to have great used equipment available. Our customer base for these quality used trucks has grown from year to year with many repeat customers. The majority of our mixer fleet has been operated by us since they were put into service and maintenance has been performed on a regular scheduled basis. We have all the maintenance records available as well as first hand information from our many qualified mechanics.

If you’re in the market for quality used front discharge mixers, we feel confident that we can provide you quality mixers at a fair price.

Please call “Used Equipment”  at (800) 353-1555 or (937) 233-5555 for more information.You can also email for additional inquiries on our list of used equipment.


1452007Oshkosh6Caterpillar C-11RDS4500 Available Now
7192013Terex6Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560Available Now
7482014Terex6Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560Available Now
7492014Terex6Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560 Available Now
7502014Terex6Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560Available Now
7642014Terex6Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560Available Now
7652014Terex6Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560Available Now
7662014Terex6Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560Available Now
7682014Terex6Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560Available Now
7692014Terex6Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560Available Now
7702014Terex6Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560Available Now
7972015Terex6Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560Available Now
8122015Terex6Cummins ISX 425RDS4560Available Now
8192015Terex6Cummins ISX 425RDS4560Available Now
8202015Terex6Cummins ISX 425RDS4560Available Now
8252015Terex6Cummins ISX 425RDS4560Available Now
8272015Terex6Cummins ISX 425RDS4560Available Now
8282015Terex6Cummins ISX 425RDS4560Available Now
8292015Terex6Cummins ISX 425RDS4560Available Now
8502016Terex6Cummins ISX 425RDS4560Available Now
851G2016Terex6Cummins ISM 350RDS4560Glider
856G2016Terex6Cummins ISM 350RDS4560Glider
857G2016Terex6Cummins ISM 350RDS4560Glider
858G2016Terex6Cummins ISM 350RDS4560Glider
863G2016Terex6Cummins ISM 350RDS4560Glider
865G2016Terex6Cummins ISM 350RDS4560Glider
866G2016Terex6Cummins ISM 350RDS4560Glider
867G2016Terex6Cummins ISM 350RDS4560Glider
868G2016Terex6Cummins ISM 350RDS4560Glider
872G2016Terex6Cummins ISM 350RDS4560Glider
873G2106Terex6Cummins ISM 350RDS4560Glider

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The people at Ernst really know concrete. After all, we have been mixing and delivering concrete since 1946 when Pete Ernst started a gravel and ready mix concrete business in Houston, Ohio.

Today, Ernst Concrete is a fourth-generation, family-owned business and you can still count on the same good old-fashioned personal service from the experienced staff at Ernst.


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