Ready Mixed Concrete

Use of ready-mixed concrete is only limited by the imagination. With today’s technology, concrete can be designed to perform to the exact requirements of your job. We can design a mix that can achieve almost any specification under any weather condition or placement challenge. Need concrete to achieve 4000 psi in 3 days? Piece of cake! Need concrete that is able to set up even in below freezing temperatures? Been there, done that! How about concrete that you can pour underwater? We’ve done that also. Need to pour an entire wall but you only have one point of placement. Done that as well! At Ernst, we have hundreds of years of experience in customizing your mix to meet your challenge. Give us a call and find out how we can help.

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Fibermesh Reinforcement

Be sure to add Fiber to your concrete diet! The technology of today’s space age fibers can dramatically reduce plastic shrinkage cracking, add surface durability, and even replace steel welded wire fabric or rebar. With a wide variety of polypropylene and steel fibers available, there is a fiber for any residential or commercial job which can meet your specifications and your budget. And because we add fibermesh directly into your load, you can be assured that the fibers are evenly distributed throughout your concrete for maximum benefit. Call us today to learn more about how fibers can improve your concrete and save you money.

Placing Your Order

Ernst uses the latest technology to ensure that placing your order is fast and easy. Our computerized scheduling and dispatching systems link all of our operations regionally so that all of our employees share the same real-time scheduling information. Our computerized order process makes it easier for us to provide faster, more accurate answers to all your questions, whether it’s a question about delivery time or the status of an invoice. Our real-time truck tracking capability means we can tell you when your truck was loaded when it left the plant, and its estimated time of arrival at your job site. All of this technology means that you can expect your concrete to be there when you need it.

Batching Concrete

Ernst Concrete also uses computerized batching equipment which makes sure that all mix components are in the proper amount and proportions. This ensures that the right mix is delivered to your job site and that your concrete performs to your expectations. Our loading process is automated so that you get the exact amount of concrete you ordered. With Ernst, you can count on consistent quality with every delivery.

Green Building

Go Green for Green Building! No other construction material can make a construction project as environmentally friendly as concrete. At Ernst, we have the expertise and experience to show you how concrete can be used to benefit the environment and earn you LEED points. Concrete has been proven to provide such benefits in uses such as storm water control and light reflectivity as well as re-using recycled products. Click on the link to learn more about how concrete can benefit the environment and earn you LEED points.

About Ernst Concrete


The people at Ernst really know concrete. After all, we have been mixing and delivering concrete since 1946 when Pete Ernst started a gravel and ready mix concrete business in Houston, Ohio.

Today, Ernst Concrete is a fourth-generation, family-owned business and you can still count on the same good old-fashioned personal service from the experienced staff at Ernst.


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