North Point Community Church – April 2012

The project itself was performed as a Design-Build project in which Duke Construction served as the Program Manager for the North Point Community Church, and Sunbelt Structures, teamed with Haines, Gipson & Assoc. to serve as the Design-Build team for this project.  The project was permitted thru the City of Alpharetta, which included a presentation to the City of Alpharetta Design Review Board, and subsequent approval from the Design Review Board.   The Design Build Contract was awarded in the Fall of 2010, and the bridge construction phase started in January of 2010, with the first use by the church for access to Sunday services taking place on December 16, 2010.  A dedication ceremony was held on January 6, 2011.

The bridge itself was 780’ long by 44’ 11” wide.  The bridge was constructed for the purpose of providing an additional access point to the parking lot at NPCC, which has over 3,000 parking spaces.  3 times each Sunday as the church parking lot empties out, it would take as long as 45 minutes to get out of the lot.  This driveway has cut that time in half for those that attend NPCC.  The church had a tough time attracting new members due to the parking crunch, so this additional access will serve them well to expand their ministries by attracting additional members to their church.  The new driveway crosses Big Creek, and the Big Creek floodplain.  As you can see in a few of the attached photos, the Big Creek in Alpharetta floods routinely, which was a consideration throughout the construction phase of the project.  Because this was a new creek crossing, a USACE permit was required for this project.  The Alpharetta Greenway Trail also parallels Big Creek in this flood plain, so the bridge was constructed over the Greenway Trail.  Specific safety measures were employed to allow pedestrians to move thru the construction site at all times while the bridge was constructed in, around, and over the Greenway trail.  Additionally, the asthetics was a concern of the City of Alpharetta due to the large number of pedestrians that use the Greenway Trail under the bridge.  The bridge was coated with a concrete coating product called Tammscoat, with the color “Suede”  The bridge is gated throughout the week to prevent traffic from cutting thru from Old Milton Parkway to Northpoint Parkway.  The Gates are opened on Sundays to provide parking lot access.

The bridge contains approx:  2,500 cy of concrete  |  5,360 lf of H-Piling  |  375,000 lbs. of Rebar