McEachern High School – April 2012

On February 2010, Ernst Cobb County was contracted by Choate Construction Company to supply the concrete for McEachern High School Additions:  P.E. Facility, Hall of Fame Building and Stadium Press Box.  The project was funded by the John McEachern Endowment Fund at the cost of $12 million which can rival some Division 1 universities. It hosts more than 1000 students and faculty members on a daily basis.

The construction consisted of three separate projects. The Physical Education Facility is  a two-story building with approximately 80,000ft² which includes classrooms, three basketball/volleyball courts, an 1/8 mile walking track on the second floor, a faculty exercise room, locker rooms and an administrative area. The Hall of Fame Building is a two-story building approximately 15,000ft² that contains a 7800ft² weight room with a locker room on the second floor while the first floor remained unfinished. The Stadium Press Box Building is approximately 5000ft² building that includes seating for media and spectators with two VIP suites having theater seating, restrooms and an area for hospitality space.

Ernst Concrete supplied over 4000 cubic yards of concrete to complete this unique and well designed project.  Delivery of concrete during School sessions and working under very limited space had its challenges.  Due to students arriving for the first period classes no concrete would be placed between 7:30am to 8:30am.  The only access pathway for construction vehicles was closed anytime a student needed to cross from one building to another between classes.  The job required a representative from Ernst on every pour to help control slumps and the safety of getting their trucks in and out of very tight site restrictions.

The different types of concrete used on the project were 3000psi non air mixes with 20% C-Ash for Footings, Piers, Walls and Interior Slab on Grade.  The project also required 4000psi Lightweight concrete for Elevated Slabs and 3000psi 2.5” Line Pump Mix.