Concrete Tips

Please don’t call it a cement sidewalk.

Today, ready mix concrete can be a complex construction material. The basic building blocks of ready mix concrete are cement, sand, stone, and water. When these materials are mixed together in the right proportions, you have ready mix concrete. You can also add various admixtures to the concrete to make it do certain things, such as set up faster in cold weather, set up slower in hot weather, or make it more flowable without decreasing strength. Mixes can be specially proportioned for particular uses such as basements, footers, driveways, sidewalks, and roadways. There is no limit to the flexibility that concrete provides for your construction project.

Special orders don’t upset us.

Based on modern technology, concrete is a versatile material which can be readily adapted for your placement needs. On cold weather days (under 40 degrees), you can order calcium chloride or non-calcium chloride (if metal rebar or wire mesh is used) to speed up set time to help protect against freezing. On hot days, you can order retarder to slow down set time so you have ample time to properly finish the concrete. If your job requires a higher slump (wetness of concrete), you can add a water reducer or plasticizer (high range) to increase slump without impacting strengths. You can also add fiber mesh, hair-like fibers which can be either plastic or metal based materials, to your concrete to increase surface durability and to minimize problems such as plastic shrinkage cracking.

An ounce of cure equals concrete protection.

After your concrete is finished, it is necessary to adequately cure the concrete so that it can continue to hydrate and gain strength, especially on the surface. You can cure concrete by spraying on cures or keeping the hardened surface moist. After the concrete has cured for 28 days, you should add a penetrating sealer which should protect the concrete for at least five years. By properly curing and sealing your concrete, your concrete should last a very long time.

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