Concrete Aggregates

Concrete Aggregates

Your concrete is only as good as your aggregates.

Aggregates are important for concrete strength, thermal and elastic properties and dimensional and volume stability. Aggregates make up 60-80% of concrete volume and 70-85% of the concrete mass. Concrete aggregates are composed of geological materials such as gravel, sand and crushed rock. Particle size determines whether it’s a coarse aggregate (e.g. gravel) or fine aggregate (e.g. sand). The resulting concrete can be used in its natural state or crushed, according to use and application.

We sell all types of state-certified aggregates from our Germantown, OH quarry, including:

  • #57 Crushed Stone
  • Sand
  • #304 Limestone
  • Other Gravel Materials
  • Pea Gravel

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