Used Equipment

Our commitment to maintain a modern fleet of mixers means that we are positioned on an annual basis to have great used equipment available. Our customer base for these quality used trucks has grown from year to year with many repeat customers. The majority of our mixer fleet has been operated by us since they were put into service and maintenance has been performed on a regular scheduled basis. We have all the maintenance records available as well as first hand information from our many qualified mechanics.

If you’re in the market for quality used front discharge mixers, we feel confident that we can provide you quality mixers at a fair price.

Please call Mark Van De Grift or John Ernst at (800) 353-1555 or (937) 233-5555 for more information. You can also email for additional inquiries on our list of used equipment.

4 Axle Front Discharge

G932013Oshkosh4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4500Available Now
G942013Oshkosh4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4500Available Now
G952013Oshkosh4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4500Available Now
G962013Oshkosh4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4500Available Now
G972013Oshkosh4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4500Available Now
G982013Oshkosh4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4500
C3192013Oshkosh4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4500Available Now
C3202013Oshkosh4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4500Available Now
C3222013Oshkosh4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4500Available Now
C3262013Oshkosh4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4500
C3272013Terex4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4500
C3282013Terex4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4500
C3302013Terex4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4500
C3312013Terex4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4500
C3322013Terex4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4500
C3332013Terex4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4500
W172013Terex4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560Available Now
W192013Terex4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560Available Now
W202013Terex4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560Available Now
W212014Terex4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560
W222014Terex4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560
W232014Terex4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560
K1502013Terex4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560Available Now
K1512013Terex4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560Available Now
K1522013Terex4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560Available Now
K1532013Terex4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560Available Now
K1542013Terex4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560Available Now
K1562013Oshkosh4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560Available Now
K1592013Oshkosh4Detroit DD 13-435RDS4500Available Now
K1612013Oshkosh4Detroit DD 13-435RDS4500
K1632013Oshkosh4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4560
K1642013Oshkosh4Detroit DD 13-435RDS4500
K1672014Oshkosh4Detroit DD 13-435RDS4500
6902013Terex4Detroit DD 13-450RDS456
Available Now
6982013Terex4Detroit DD 13-450RDS4500Available Now
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